Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Hill

About a week ago I did a triathlon at Square Lake near Stillwater, MN.  This is a race I have done for the past four years.  I'm familiar with the course and know that by the time I get to the run portion of the race there will be a large hill to run up.  The first time I did the race I walked up the hill.  I was convinced I was too tired to run up it.  After I finished the race I was disappointed I wasn't able to run the whole five mile course.

The next year I did the race I told myself I was going to make it up the hill without walking.  I did run for the most part but needed to walk at the top.  Every year seems to get better and better.

So this year's race was another year of thinking about the hill.  I was cold in the race, my feet so cold in the first mile that I felt like I was running on rocks.  Around mile three I was coming to the hill.  It was at that moment I was reminded of something I teach in my yoga class.  Pay attention to your mind but don't let it hold you back.  I could hear my thoughts coming in.  The self talk that told my body I was tired and why should I keep running up such a big hill.  I asked myself why I do this race every year.  I wanted to stop for just a minute.

It was when I started to listen but let go of my mental limitations that the hill became easy to run.  I had been training a lot over the summer.  I was in good physical shape and could run the whole course without stopping.  I made it up the hill and never stopped until the finish line.

So this brings me to every hard moment in life.  I wonder how much could I do if I could control my thoughts.  What could I accomplish if I could tell my self I was strong, able and up for the task?  I think the possibilities are endless.  So pay attention to your thoughts.  Hear what you're telling yourself and believe you can do it.  Watch what can happen.  You will be amazed.

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