Sunday, October 3, 2010


Change can be scary.  Change can create an unsettled feeling.  It can also be invigorating.  It can make life exciting.  It can provide a new outlook that may have never happened had you jumped into the unknown.

From January to September I'm training for triathlons.  I'm either running, biking or swimming.  Sometimes I lift weights and I practice yoga.  But really it is a lot of the same thing.  Now that racing season is over I'm looking for a change.  I decided to try P90X.  Yes, it's the workout program you see on infomercials late at night.  I've often wondered how it works and do people really see the results they show in the ad.

So my husband and I started just yesterday.  The title of the first dvd is chest and back.  Before we started I had in the back of my mind it would be fairly easy because I was used to running, riding and swimming.  The workout began with a warm up and then went into about thirty minutes of pull ups and push ups.  First of all I never knew there were so many ways of doing pull ups and push ups.  Second of all, I'm not in great shape.  I'm sore today.  My arms were shaking when I dried my hair after a shower following the workout.  My body needed a change.

When I think about my workouts I think about how many aspects of my life I'm holding onto thinking I'm in "good shape."  While it is hard to step back and look at your life to bring in change, it is necessary to keep you invigorated and alive.  Take the challenge.  Find something new to do.  Change up your workout.  If what your doing is bringing the same result and it isn't working, step outside of yourself and look at how you can bring in something new.  Create the change and prepare to be awoken.

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