Monday, January 4, 2016

Bring Positive to a Negative

Have you ever had a moment when you are lost in your own frustration and fuming and something jumps right in front of you to change your course?

Last night I had an argument with a good friend. There was no yelling or harsh words but at the end I had some real hurt feelings. I have replayed the moment in my mind at different points in the day. I keep coming back to wanting to prove I was right, say how much I have been hurt, etc.

Tonight, my thoughts were stopped in their tracks. I read Day 5 in Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates. It said "Whenever we find ourselves ensnared in negative behavior, we should increase the amount of time, thought and energy we direct toward positive behavior." Of course. What good does it do anyone to brood and be angry?

I'm ending my day with a lighter feeling. A feeling felt when you are able to let go and move on. I choose to focus on all the positive that surrounds me. I am grateful.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Meditations from the Mat

I am great at making New Year's resolutions!!! Making them last all year is a different story. As I think about 2016, I decided to go back to my bookshelf to embrace an old friend. This year will require five minutes of reading a day. Simple. Doable. A lasting impact is guaranteed!

The book I pulled out is called Meditations from the Mat by Rolf Gates. The 365 lessons are "daily reflections on the path of yoga."

As it is now January 3rd, I have read three lessons. Lesson 1started my year with a clear vision. Rolf is commenting on the violence of the twentieth century and the need for a change. He says "We need a new paradigm, one that will replace our present attachment to imbalance. Yoga is the study of balance, and balance is the aim of all living creatures; it is our home." Our home is what is already within us. It may be hidden below trauma, relationships, obligations, habits and more. I will spend the year going home. I hope you enjoy the journey.