Saturday, May 7, 2011


I  was getting ready to sew last night and turned off the t.v.  Usually I have it on or I listen to a book on tape or some music.  I felt like I needed some quiet to relax and clear my mind.  It was once the room was silent that I noticed it.  Spring!  

I live on a pond teaming with wildlife.  Spring brings back the Canada Goose flocks and croaking frogs from the bottom of the pond.  Mallards, Egrets, and a Blue Heron gather near the edge of the water.  The warm air blows in my windows.  I am reminded of the peace and tranquility spring can bring.  So I had to stop, close my eyes, listen, and breath. Nature's movement brings stillness.  Peace.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I was watching Mob Wives over the weekend.  Why I was watching the show, I don't know but I felt as if I was watching a rerun reality show.  The characters were different along with the set but the storyline was the same.  One wife was mad at another wife over something that had happened in the past.  I started thinking about reality tv and what keeps it going.  Conflict is the main fuel.  Without it, no one would be interested.

While none of this news is shocking, I did come to one helpful conclusion.  If there were a little forgiveness, all would be ok.  I think about times I have had a conflict with someone and how the problem would have diminished if I would have forgiven and let go. 

When I teach yoga, I tell my participants to let go of judgment and competition.  The hope is that they are forgiving with themselves, their bodies and mind.  If we can practice this principle on the mat, shouldn’t we be able to take it into our daily lives?  So I have to challenge myself to be forgiving when I find myself in an argument.  I have to assume good intentions.  I have to approach the conflict as I do yoga, with an open, forgiving heart.  What reality tv shows would still be on the air if they were to practice this principle?