Sunday, September 5, 2010


This was my dog, Bruiser, with my son.  About two and a half weeks ago he suddenly passed away, most likely from a heart attack.  He was twelve years old and seemed like he was in good health.  Just the weekend before he had been chasing the vacuum around the house.

The night he died I was surprised and saddened.  I couldn't believe what had happened.  The next day I was working with a group of adults and wanted to share about my dog but was brought to tears when I tried to talk about it.

When I think about Bruiser I want to share everything I loved about him.  His snoring under the bed.  How he laid on my chest with his paws around my neck as a puppy.  The times he would drink so much water his belly would swell up to look like a watermelon.   His love of children and tolerance for any poking and prodding.  I think about how I appreciate every moment he spent with our family.

As a society we can get caught up in negative thoughts, regrets, and guilt.  It was when Bruiser passed that I wanted to focus on what I appreciated about him instead of getting caught in sadness and anger.   Look around you and notice the good happening at this moment.   Appreciate what you have.

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