Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Rules of Bike Riding

I was running with my six year old last week while he rode his bike.  He thought it would be important to make some rules for riding his bike with me.  Here are the rules he brainstormed.

*Always look forward.  If you look back too long, you'll crash.
*Wait for others even if they're slower.
*Stay on your side so you can give everyone space.
*Try your hardest when you get to a hill.  It's ok if you have to walk your bike.
*Try not to get wet.  If you get wet, it's ok.

I was thinking about these rules of the road.  What if we used these rules as a personal guide.  I was thinking about a mistake I made at work last week.  I didn't want to get wet, make a mistake.  I did and really it is ok.  Sometimes I think my six year old is wise beyond his years.

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