Sunday, April 17, 2011

Do Something

I have a new routine on Friday nights.  I have started watching a PBS show called Need to Know.  Besides being a super exciting Friday night (ha, ha), I have learned a little bit about current events.  Well, a few weeks ago the topic of the show was all about professional sports referees and how they call games.  It has been shown that referees will choose to not call a foul over calling one, especially when a game is tight.  The idea is that it is easier to take the blame for not calling a foul than to make the wrong call.  The newscaster also sited the CEO of Amazon as saying companies loose millions of dollars because they do nothing in fear of making a mistake that will hurt their business.

This got me thinking.  I started to reflect on my own life and how many situations I have been in where I did nothing out of fear of doing the wrong thing.  Risk can be one of the scariest feelings we experience.  I try to avoid "getting in trouble" at all cost.

What has "doing nothing" meant for my life?  Have I missed opportunities?  Have I been stagnant because I'm worried about branching out?  What can I do to change my current habits?

It's a scary proposition to try new things, go out on a limb and take a risk.  I can't promise anything but I am now aware.  I hope when I meet the next fork in the road, I will make a leap of faith and possibly fail but know I took a chance.  Can you take that risk and do something?

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