Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thanks, Mom

I was shopping at a local handmade shop in Minneapolis last week.  The store carried a variety of items including yoga mat bags.  So I was curious to see how the bag was constructed.  The outer fabric was cute but when it came to the inside all the fabric edges were unfinished.  They weren't double sewn or serged.

I felt like I was instantly taken back to my childhood when my mom taught me to sew.  This was a time when we had a basic Singer with a very efficient straight and zig zag stitch.  We didn't have a serger or anything fancy.  My mom taught me how to make clothes.  One thing she made sure to do is sew with a straight stitch on woven fabric and then go back with a zig zag to finish the edge so it wouldn't fray.  When  I saw the yoga mat bag I knew bad things were in store for the future owner.  Strings would be everywhere.

As I reflected on my own sewing, I started to reminisce.  I remember hot summers sewing in the basement with my mom.  She was SO patient.  As a parent I don't know if I could hold my cool as much as my mom did.  She understood my frustrations.  She explained each step with love.  She stepped in when I got stuck and took over if I needed just "a little bit of help."

When I think about my mom I see everything I want to be.  She is kind and loving.  She is there when you need someone and always willing to listen.  She has a great sense of humor and is a spit fire in her own way.  Her house is always spotless (I didn't get that gene.)  She has great friends and is on the go constantly.  My children adore Grandma Judie and I love her with all my heart.  So this is a public thanks to my mom for being the person she is.

We all have someone around us that has taught us something.  Sometimes we go by each day and forget about those around us that have helped us grow and learn.  If you can, send out a thank you.  Let them know how much you appreciate and love them.

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